From the Pastor

Benjamin T. Hailey Sr.

Senior Pastor

"Moving Forward by Faith"
  As this summer season turns into the fall, we are blessed to be alive!  God has so richly blessed each of us, and we must be aware of God's presence, and blessings in every area of our lives.  We are again in transition at "The U".  God is reshaping the way we do ministry so that we will be effective, efficient, excellent, and execute our assignment with His grace, and for His glory!  You as a disciple of Union will be called upon to execute kingdom principles and practices as never before, because our world is in a way that it has never been before.  The Body of Christ is mandated to be "The continuation of the manifestation of Jesus Christ".. Dr.Manuel Scott Sr.  and with that comes the personal responsibility to live as kingdom citizens, under kingdom authority, and with kingdom privilege and power. 
The Michael Brown case, as well as many others demands a kingdom response.  The state of racial affairs in America demands a kingdom response.  The economic situation demands a kingdom response.  No longer can we "hide out" in church and not participate in substantive ministry.  Its time for each of us to get involved.  Get connected, and get active in establishing God's kingdom on earth.  Someone needs to hear that God loves them, and Jesus saved them!  Will you tell them?  If not you, then who?  If not now then when? 
My prayer is that we will conclude this year excited about the kingdom possibilities, and then turn those possiblities into kingdom realities!  Let's go to work!
May God's peace and His abundant blessing rest upon each of you throughout the remainder of this year of 2014.  And remember, we are "Moving Forward by Faith"
In His Service,
Pastor Benjamin T. Hailey Sr
Senior Pastor