From the Pastor

Benjamin T. Hailey Sr.

Senior Pastor

"Moving Forward by Faith"

     2013 began as the year of "Getting Back to the Bible" for our church.  This theme has gripped us in a way that has allowed us to focus our efforts into one Divine purpose, and that purpose was to begin to develop a Biblical consciousness in each disciple at "The U".   So “gripping” is the theme that it will be our lead theme for the next five years. 
     Our church experienced great highs, and some lows as we sought to continue doing "Kingdom Ministry, Revealing the Will of God".  Outreach was a priority, and we made significant strides in becoming a more community focused church.  Our ministries provided resources to local entities to aide them in creating a better quality of life for those who live among us.  A few of the highlights of our outreach are noted in the nine year old Christmas giveaway program that now serves over six hundred families each year with gifts for their children and a worship service connected to the outreach that has seen over one hundred-fifty persons come to know Jesus Christ through our efforts!  The health outreach ministry continues to aide our community, and our disciples, through intentional healthy lifestyle training and health screenings.  The helping hands ministry has distributed book bags and schools supplies to over five hundred young people in just the past few years, and continues to serve many with food, and clothing during our Thanksgiving basket drive, our clothing bazaar, as well as the daily food pantry and clothing closet. 
     This past year we initiated www@ubc, which is the new Christian Education format that will be fully implemented in 2014.  Consisting of a curriculum that will afford our disciples the ability to go through a structured learning process to become more secure in biblical and theological knowledge, and continuing life skills training.  It has been a great year! 
     We have seen the loss of some of our disciples as they have moved from labor to reward, and as our hearts were saddened, we maintain the joy of The Lord because of our faith in His Word, which gives us hope that we shall see them again on the other side. 
Seeds for the Future
     We began our Faith Building Campaign during the 3rd quarter of 2013.  Designed to stretch each disciple to seek God for personal vision, and to engage themselves in the vision of this house.  First and foremost, the vision calls for us to line up with the five purposes of the church which is outlined in Matt. 22:37-40; 28:18-20. Evangelism, Discipleship, Worship, Fellowship, and Ministry/Service.  We must receive this vision of becoming a "Church on Purpose" before we will be able to view ourselves as a non-typical fellowship that does "out of the box" ministry to achieve Christ's vision for His church.  I believe once we as a body of disciples have embraced this vision, we will be prepared to accomplish whatever our God gives us to do.  In preparation for what we believe God is doing, we also are being stretched to exercise our faith in financial matters.  We believe in investing in the kingdom.  When one invests, there is an expectation of a return on the investment.  As we trust God enough to invest in the future of this ministry, we can be assured that God will supply a return to us.  Our future depends on our faith.  Our children's future depends on our faith.  The community's future depends on our faith.  And so I beseech each of us to become invested in the vision of the church God has planted you into.
      2014 marks the sixty-eighth year of existence for the Union Baptist Church, and it is our firm belief that this year will be one of, if not the best year for serving our great God through our efforts.  Get involved, get connected, start "Moving Forward by Faith"!
  We shall be sharing much more with you as the year unfolds.  
May God's peace and His abundant blessing rest upon each of you throughout this year of 2014.  And remember, we are "Moving Forward by Faith"
In His Service,
Pastor Benjamin T. Hailey Sr
Senior Pastor