From the Pastor

Benjamin T. Hailey Sr.

Senior Pastor

"Moving Forward by Faith"
     SPRING 2015 
We have entered the spring season, and in it we are experiencing the winter season of America.  Our nation is cold, the love of many is following that order.  Uprisings in various cities.  Violence being perpetrated upon innocent citizens by law enforcement officers.  Mothers throwing their own babies off of bridges, and attempting their own suicides.  It is a cold time! And the question comes to mind, what shall the righteous do in times like these?  Times when the so-called economic rebound has not reached certain people.  Times when the government has become enamoured in denouncing its Commander-in-Chief because he does not exist within the narrow minded parameters placed upon his position.  Times when there are 33 million people leaving the church, citing dissatisfaction with "organized religion".  Times when our youth are so lost that they set up and have made human sacrifice to the "Church of Bey", a religion that young people have created with Beyonce' as its goddess. 
These are some cold, and difficult times, and the world is looking for answers that have their basis in Truth.  We who are the Church of Jesus Christ have an obligation.  That is to present Christ to a world who really does'nt want Him.  It is a return to a First Century type ministry, that must adapt, be mobile, agile, and able to move at the pace of the culture, without diluting, diverting, or perverting the Good News about our Savior. 
I challange every believer, and every member of this local assembly, to reach out to those who are lost.  I challenge you to remember who, and whose you are in every life situation, so that you might be an effective witness for the kingdom of God.  I challenge you to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Christ through the knowledge of His Word.  I challenge you to become what God has preordained you to become in Him.  I challenge you to LIVE!  It is an awesome time to be alive, and a more awesome time to be a disciple of Christ.  Make full proof of you ministry, and let this cold world know that the authentic love of God will warm the coldest heart, and save the most sin-sick soul...
  And remember, we are "Moving Forward by Faith"
In His Service,
Pastor Benjamin T. Hailey Sr
Senior Pastor