Minister Ossie Burton, Servant Leader, Prayer Ministry

Minister Ossie Burton is a native of Oviedo Florida; she is the wife of Kelvin Burton Sr. and the mother of five children and eight grandchildren.

In March of 2006 she was licensed as a minister of the gospel under the direction of the Holy Spirit and her pastor, of the Union Baptist Church in Allentown, Pa. Pastor Benjamin T. Hailey Sr.

Minister Burton is currently enrolled in The Liberty Bible Institute, and is a strong believer that Christ must be in the center of our lives.  In addition, we must forever, continue to grow in his word so that we can walk intimately with him.  We must never cease to give ourselves to prayer and to walk in faith.

She has a love for all people; but a special burden for children, and people who are broken and hurting.  For she knows, In God, there is always hope even when things appear to be dead and hopeless.

 She is a true believer of God’s word, according to Luke 18:27, “And He said, the things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” 

In her home church, she is Servant Leader of the Prayer & Pastor’s Aide Ministries and The Assistant Servant Leader of the Women’s Ministry.  She is certified through her church to be utilized as a teacher of God’s word and is currently a teacher for the teens Sunday school/fulfillment hour class.

She is one who does not mind giving of her self for God’s purpose.  She has traveled to Uganda, Africa to offer hope through Christ, to a desperate people and to Biloxi, Mississippi to help re-build a place of devastation; keeping in mind the word that, “faith with out works is dead.”

The main thing to remember about Minister Ossie Burton is that she loves the Lord, and strives daily to walk the walk that God gives her to preach to his people.