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prayer request
posted by: William Walker on 2/19/2017

Dear friends in Christ: Please pray for me and my mother
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posted by: Karla G on 12/19/2016

I'm asking prayer for my husband and my marriage. That all negativity is removed swiftly. Thank you
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posted by: on 10/1/2016

God bless! Please pray for: 1. Healing all the lesions of my abdomen & digestive system. 2. Healing all my contagious itching fungus infection. 3. Healing my sister from depression & panic attacks. 4. I DO need a good career, debts cancellation & financial help. Thanks so much!
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posted by: Luz Deleon on 8/21/2016

My dad name is Ramon Deleon he lives in Ny. He is ill, has HIV/AIDs nd cancer, ulcers . He is withering away. He is bones nd always in pain. Can you pray for his peace and my strength when the lord takes him. Second prayer is for me, I need to learn to trust in lord more then ever.
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Being attacked
posted by: Annika on 7/20/2016

I will like to ask everyone to pray for the restoration of my 35yr plus friendship with someone that was more like my sister than friend. We share not only mutual friends but we also share enlaws. We have shared our pain, tears and laughter for many years, so this is someone I love like she's my flesh and blood. I also ask that you pray for my strength through theses trying times. The devil has tried to tear me down, by using my husband of 14yrs who has betrayed my love and trust by committing adultery and my friend/sister who I have not spoken with in almost three months, because she feels that my marriage to her husband's cousin has cause some unspoken competition and envy between us, also she believes it has effected her life/marriage negatively. So I ask you all to please pull your prayers together for me because i am really being attacked and it has broken me. Thank you and may God Bless you all.
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son behavior
posted by: Anonymous on 6/21/2016

I'm asking for prayer for my son who is at a residential facility. He is acting out by cursing at teachers, peers and ataff at the placement facility where he is at. Also pray to remove the sexualized spirit consuming my son mind to act inappropriately by exposing his private area to staff and urinating on the floor and expressing verbally him wanting to have sex with certain female staff members. My son is 12 years old. I don't know what or who to turn to for help anymore. I pray to God but this behavior is still continuing. Pray for deliverance for my son to be rid of the general curse put upon him and also prayers for his mind, body, and soul to be restored!
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Husband in the hospital
posted by: BEATA Stephenson on 4/20/2016

Ask for prayer because my husband. Is sick and in the hospital. And is going to a rebitation place. Because he not well enough to go home yet. Been in st. Luke hospital in Allentown for 6 days.
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My heart
posted by: KB on 3/26/2016

I've been having panic attacks and anxiety attacks every since I was in college and I'm still having til this very day. I've been on nerve medications. Every once in awhile when I get nervous or worried my heart rate will shoot up to 120. Feels like my heart is beating out of my chest. And plus I'm anemia too so that effects it as well. Recently my heart rate shot up to 160 me thinking it was another anxiety attack and the EMS took me to the hospital. There I found out I had Hypothyroid which I could've had all these years and it's just now showing up. I have a child and I just want to be here for my child, I didn't have my mother growing up. I'm a single mother and it isn't easy as is. And it really gets scary sometimes. Please pray that God gains control over this situation and I stop going through this. And that his will be done for my child and I. I kindly thank you so much. God bless!
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posted by: Lawrence Ed Robinson on 3/14/2016

Please pray that my family & I are able to keep our home. Wells Fargo is attempting to foreclose on us. Thank you, and God Bless.
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marriage and family
posted by: cindy and victor on 2/19/2016

My husband left me. He also financially abandoned me. On top of all this, he is trying to throw me in jail. He is disobeying Scriptures by dragging our matters before the world. The church is becoming a mockery. Pray Godly people are sent his way to give him good council. Pray God touches his heart and convicts him greatly. May God bind Satan in all this. Also, pray he remembers the good in me. I need wisdom and strength to know what to do. Pray for mr. smith who has cancer. Lastly, pray for mine and my children's finances, health and spiritual growth. My son needs desperate help with school too. There are also career opportunities that I am praying God opens the door to. Pray for the salvation of my brother, David, and spiritual deliverance. My parents finances and health are in bad condition too.
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