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heal matt
posted by: on 12/21/2014

Please pray that Matt is healed peacefully and calmly from the abusive and toxic relationships he is involved in. Please heal all those involved Please heal all his relationship and anger issues. Thank you Thank you Thank you
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disobedient child
posted by: TAWANA on 11/7/2014

Prayer that my mother keeps the faith that things will get better and to put it in Gods hands. My brother hits her. Eph 6:1-3 In the name of Jesus
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The power of prayer
posted by: Gardners on 5/24/2014

Please pray for me and my husband to find the love god blessed us with for one another 21 yrs ago and for peace in our home and for our daughter who is a brain tumor survivor still fighting the fight... Lift us in prayer for unity,spirituality,and to serve our god
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My mother and family
posted by: KB on 5/3/2014

Please pray for my mother, she has been struggling with a addiction for most of her life. That has now caused her to get hit by a car. She has worried the family sick, I use to have anxiety attacks worrying about the worst that will happen to her. This has cause my family to be very divided, unforgivable and bitter towards eachother. There is no love in my family even now that Grandma has gone on to be with the lord.
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My Family
posted by: Renae Roldan on 5/3/2014

Please keep us in your prayers as we face many things in our lives. We thank you.
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Praying for All prayer request
posted by: Minister Burton on 3/7/2014

Please know that all of the prayer request will be lifted up in prayer, individually, as well as corporately.
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Pray I stay on the right track
posted by: Unnamed on 2/4/2014

for a better life and stay on the right track not let bad people influence me i just need someone to pray that i stay on the right track and for me have a better life for me and my daughter,also pray that i get the apartment so me and my daughter can have our own and we are comfortable...
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posted by: Greg Green on 1/2/2014

I thought I was going to kill myself, I was angry and bitter, I came to your church feeling confuse but amen to Jesus, someone told me about another way of life and that is to accept Jesus. Thank Jesus for Mr Knoxley that talk to me telling me I can make it and prayer for my life and my children, now I am living in Jesus and my children & I going to church.
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Pray my strength in the Lord
posted by: Andrea M Warnick on 12/14/2013

Keep my family safe and bring them to Christ I pray that God uses me to bring others to Christ. Please pray that God gives me a position in my field to help others. I Love the Lord with all my heart and soul.
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