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At UBC we believe that as we grow in our relationship with Christ there is plenty of opportunity to grow closer as a family!

Join the UBC Family as we grow together!
2021 Graduation Celebration
Congratulations Class of 2021! Share with us as we celebrate our Class of 2021 When: July 10, 2021 Registration is open to High School, Trade School, and College Graduates. Registration Deadline: May 23, 2021 Pictures Required: Please ... more

Adopt A UBC Senior
Our faith has brought us this far, our roots will help us stand firm. What better way to commemorate God's grace through 75 years of ministry than a partnership with our Seniors? The Adopt a UBC Senior event is expected to be a time of ... more

40/30 Step Challenge
Are You Ready for the Challenge??? Walking 10,000 steps a day can significantly improve your health and leave you looking and feeling better all over! Join us as we challenge ourselves with walking 40 Miles in 30 Days during the Month of ... more

Women of Excellence Book Club
Join the Women of Excellence as we grow together! Register now for the Women of Excellence Book Club. Once registered, you will receive notification for our book of the month, meeting schedule and credentials, fellowship opportunities, and much ... more

Daily Scriptures During the Pandemic
A Message of Hope DAY 1: Abide in Righteousness-- (1 John 2:29) Day 2: Two Things Not to Love-- (1 John 2:15) Day 3: A New Heart and a New Spirit-- (Ezekiel 36:26) Day 4: A Mind Stayed on God--(Isaiah 26:3) Day 5: God ... more

UBC Bible Institute
First Quarter Teachers Training Class Pastor Hailey will be the teacher, all UBC Certified Teachers are required to attend. Anyone desiring to become a teacher at Union is welcome to attend Friday, March 20, 2020 7:00 pm more

Women of Excellence: Cooking In The Kitchen
Cook Along With Guest Chef Quandra 'Q' Brown! Join the Sisterhood as we cook together, a healthy meal with our Guest Chef, 'Q'. When: Every 4th Wednesday of the Month! Time: 6:30 PM Who: All the Sisters! ... more

In Honor of Veterans
Please register to participate in our Veteran's Day Remembrance Ceremony