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At UBC we believe that as we grow in our relationship with Christ there is plenty of opportunity to grow closer as a family!

Join the UBC Family as we grow together!
Teacher Inservice Presentation
Teacher Inservice: A presentation for Teachers All teachers are asked to attend. If you are interested in becoming a certified teacher at UBC you are welcome to join us! Saturday April 23rd - 9:30 am - 12 pm

Leadership Retreat, 2022
Divine Directives for Defined Development Two Day Session: April 29th, 7p-9p April 30th, 8:30-3p Re/Max Real Estate: 3120 Hamilton Blvd Allentown, PA

Adopt A UBC Senior
Our faith has brought us this far, our roots will help us stand firm. What better way to commemorate God's grace through 75 years of ministry than a partnership with our Seniors? The Adopt a UBC Senior event is expected to be a time of ... more

Union Baptist Church Vision Tree
Commemorating our Beginning, Envisioning our Future Celebrating 75 Years of Ministry The Union Baptist Church vision tree offers an opportunity for you to join in the celebration by purchasing an engraved leaf commemorating our beginning and ... more

Graduate Sunday - Celebrate the UBC Graduates of 2022
Join the UBC Family as we celebrate our 2022 Graduates! Register a graduate HERE.

Women of Excellence Book Club
Join the Women of Excellence as we grow together! Register now for the Women of Excellence Book Club. Once registered, you will receive notification for our book of the month, meeting schedule and credentials, fellowship opportunities, and much ... more

Women of Excellence: Cooking In The Kitchen
Cook Along With Guest Chef Quandra 'Q' Brown! Join the Sisterhood as we cook together, a healthy meal with our Guest Chef, 'Q'. When: Every 4th Wednesday of the Month! Time: 6:30 PM Who: All the Sisters! ... more