The Diaconate

Deacons Dexter and Latasha Connor, Servant Leaders
Called by God to care for his people, the Diaconate serves in support of the Pastor and as spiritual leaders providing guidance and support to the UBC family.  
Taking direction from Acts 6, the primary role of the Diaconate Ministry is to care for the members of the Union Baptist Church.  A foundation of relationship is initiated and sustained through the Deacon Family Ministry, an ongoing effort to build relationship, maintain connect and encourage growth. 
Through the Family Ministry the Diaconate serves during times of celebration and mourning.  Through home visitation and family ministry fellowship we strive to create opportunities for meeting people, making connections and establishing community within the body of Christ.

We encourage you to get to know your Deacon and / or Deaconess; allow them to be an integral part of your assimilation into the UBC family.