Daughter's of David Liturgical Dance Ministry

Interpretive movement is a powerful means to express all that God is to His people.   The Daughters of David Liturgical Dance Ministry considers it a blessing and a privilege to worship God with their entire being, understanding that through worship, we are ushered into the very presence of God.

A call to worship and obedience.  Oh come, let us sing to the LORD! Let us shout joyfully to the Rock of our salvation.  Psalm 95:1 nkjv 
Our Mission
To encourage people to seek Christ by expressing uniqueness through our creative spiritual gifts, enhancing the worship experience through anointed dance which grows and strengthens the body of Christ.

The History of the Daughter's of David

The Daughters of David liturgical Dance Ministry is the first dance ministry of Union Baptist Church. 

This ministry began when first lady Yuvette Hailey had a vision of a female dance ministry several years ago. In her vision she saw Latasha Connor as the ministry leader and from there the ministry was formed.

The DoDD ministry is an anointed ministry and is often called “The best liturgical dance ministry on this side of Heaven” by our Pastor.  For years they have uplifted and ministered to Union Baptist and our Lehigh Valley Community, even setting an example for other ministries in their walk with God. Before every rehearsal, the ministry members read and meditate on scripture and pray to set the atmosphere for their rehearsal.  

Every year, the Daughters of David have their annual dance concert, where you can see them and other dance ministries from the Lehigh Valley churches and colleges come together to worship through dance. The member of DoDD shows discipline and dedication through not only studying during rehearsal but they are all encouraged to study at home. 
Sister Ursula Blount, Servant Leader