Ministerial Staff

Minister Yuvette HaileyMinister Yuvette Hailey
Church Event Coordinator
Minister Yuvette Hailey is a daughter of the late Bobby L. and Dorothy Crowell. She is the ... more

Minister Ossie BurtonMinister Ossie Burton
Servant Leader, Prayer Ministry
Minister Ossie Burton is a native of Oviedo Florida; she is the wife of Kelvin Burton Sr. and ... more

Minister. Martha Payne 	Minister. Martha Payne
Minister Martha M. Payne was born in Great Falls South Carolina December 20, 1947 to Nelson and ... more

Minister Herman HaynesMinister Herman Haynes
Prayer Minister

 Minister Nordia Blackwood Minister Nordia Blackwood
Minister Nordia Blackwood Nordia B. Blackwood a native of Clarendon, Jamaica W.I. First of ... more

Minister Jeff ShorterMinister Jeff Shorter

Minister Charlene SmallsMinister Charlene Smalls
Servant Leader, Helping Hands Ministry

Minister Daniel P. BlountMinister Daniel P. Blount
Discipleship Instructor / Pastor's Armor
Minister Daniel P. Blount is a native of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and moved to Allentown, PA ... more

Minister Shelby BelfieldMinister Shelby Belfield

Minister Harrison BaileyMinister Harrison Bailey

Minister Lewis GilzeaneMinister Lewis Gilzeane